Computer Upgrade Services Stamford CT

Upgrades/New Computer:

Is it time for a new computer? Maybe not… We’ll let you know if it’s worth repairing or time to buy a new computer. We’ll advise in your selection, and make sure your files and programs are transferred properly and up and running they way you want.


Memory Upgrade – Replace Hard Drive – CPU Upgrade

Do you find that every time you click the mouse it takes longer and longer for your system to respond, or does your computer mysteriously crash alot?
Upgrading your PC’s system memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall system performance.  Evaluating whether additional RAM is appropriate for your system
Ordering the correct RAM for your PC. We can help by installing memory in your machine, testing and fine-tuning your system, and upgrading your operating system.

Do you need to transport, install or configure your computers? We can do all that plus de-install and, if requested, erase computer hard drives. Whether you need to move a single computer or whole offices of computers and related equipment from one location to another, we can do it for you.


Other software-related services provided on both Windows and Macintosh-based systems.

  • Upgrading your core operating system
  • Cleansing your system
  • Hard drive wipes
  • Installing and configuring software updates, security patches, and much more
  • Install or upgrade your operating system
  • Install and configure new software applications
  • Re-install software on a new computer or after a major upgrade or crash
  • Set up or fix your email program
  • Resolve software conflicts
  • Improve performance by cleaning and compressing old files
  • Troubleshoot common software glitches
  • Identify the source of mysterious crashes
  • Provide software-specific user training
  • Moving & installing equipment


We offer a Certified Technician available evenings and weekends for all PC & Network repair, consulting, and service. Repairs are done in home, or we can pick up, repair and return, as well as set it up for you.