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I appreciate your taking the time to visit my website today as a potential new client, but the most powerful advertising for us is word of mouth. Much of our success is built on our client’s satisfaction and being so pleased with our work they recommend us to the their friends, family, and co-workers, etc. We are singularly focused on you as a client, not just a “job”. As such, there are no “small jobs”, only valued clients with needs. I look forward to assisting you in any way I can.

Ronn Richardson

Located in downtown Stamford with over 20 years experience servicing Fairfield and Westchester counties

What people say

Hundreds of satisfied customers

J Clarke

The vendor did a very good job with a ThinkPad that is admittedly out of date. The problems that had me suspicious that there was malware installed were resolved and the system was back to its best available operation. The cost was a bit higher than I would have thought, but I don’t use this type of service often and the bill was not unreasonable at all.

Richard F.

Arrived promply. Did the file backup off site (1 hours) and did the remainder on site (3 hours). Pleasure to do business with.
Description of Work: Backup files. Setup new desktop, Install Office, Update virus protection, restore files and Outlook,confirm access to Office VPN.

Jimmy H.

Description of Work: Ron came and helped to install our home network. He did a very good and professional job and I would use him again. He was not as familiar with the Macintosh environment as I would have liked so a few things went unfinished but overall I was very satisfied with him and would use him again.

Jacqueline C.

Ronn was amazing. My mom, who is 94, really relies on her computer to say in contact with the outside world. She had keyboard issues, printer problems, etc. Ronn arrived right on time. He diagnosed the problems, ran out and got the keyboard and printer she needed, came back and set them up. He was patient and thorough. We really liked him and would def use him again.
Description of Work: my mother’s personal computer was a mess!

Jaime W.

I would recommend PC Home Solutions to anyone needing help with their computers. Ronn was awesome! He was able to diagnose the problems that I was having with my computer and solve them with fast and efficient service. He went above and beyond when it came to explaining what needed to be done. He was also able to provide insight on how I could prevent problems in the future. I had thought my computer was a goner, and all of my documents and pictures were gone. He was able to get them back, good as new and I didn’t have to go and buy a new computer!