Ronn did the work quickly and at a reasonable price. He came to our home, did all his testing there, took the computer with him, and returned a few days later with the new hard drive. He also provided advice about what features to look for and the importance of having an off-site backup location (Carbonite Online Backpup) to avoid situations like this in the future. We cannot recommend him enough, not only for his knowledge and ability to pinpoint the problem quickly but also his prompt, personalized service – much better than big box stores or impersonal data recovery companies.
Description of Work: Our six year old computer got the blue screen of death and we thought all was completely lost. Ronn was able to find a hard drive exactly like the one in the damaged computer and transferred all the files and pictures. He installed the old files from the damaged computer in our new computer, and refurbished the old one so we could still use it.