My 2 year old poured water on my 6 year old lap top and that was its last straw. Ronn came and got the computer from my house and determined that it would be able to be repaired and quoted me on the cost. However, he then recommended that with the cost of the repair (about $250) and the age of my laptop that it might be in my best interest to just buy a new computer. That is the route I ended up taking. I think it is admirable of a business to make a recommendation that is best for the consumer even if it is not in the business’s best interest. He could have earned money by making the repair but chose to help guide me to the decision that was better for me even though it was at his expense. I will certainly use PC Home Solutions again and recommend them to others.
Description of Work: Diagnostic for repair from water damage, recover all the data on my hard drive (since my screen wasn’t working and I couldn’t see to navigate), and then download the recovered data on another computer.